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Psychology - Daniel W. McNeil, PhD
Eberly Distinguished Professor, Department of Psychology

Anxiety, Psychophysiology, and Pain Research Laboratory Mission Statement

The mission of the Anxiety, Psychophysiology, and Pain Research Laboratory is to contribute to the 
scientific pursuit of knowledge in the arenas of health and clinical psychology. 

To this end, the laboratory conducts, presents, and publishes research related to anxiety, psychophysiology, and pain, specifically as it relates to behavioral dentistry, behavioral medicine, and multicultural psychology. 

This mission is achieved through transdisciplinary collaboration with scientists at West Virginia University as well as other institutions of higher learning. A central element of all laboratory work is the academic and professional development of undergraduate and graduate students, and others who are involved; motivated laboratory members are part of a tight-knit, service-oriented group that is invested in learning and engaging in the art of behavioral science.  

In their endeavors to impact behavioral science, members of the laboratory work with one another in a positive and supportive manner which promotes a team-oriented culture of respect and celebration.  Personal and professional development of laboratory members is fostered through: 
  1. Opportunities to read, analyze, and critique contemporary research in the psychological and social sciences 
  2. Frequent participation in scientific conferences
  3. The development of laboratory skills
  4. Professional mentorship in the areas of experimental design, publishing, and professionalism, among others
Left to right: Casey Wright, Cecelia Nelson, Dan McNeil, Manasi Mittenty, Matthew Arias